Are you interested in becoming a Bulldog Rescue Squad Volunteer? We are in need of volunteers in a variety of areas including, but not limited to:

Events/Fundraisers: We host a number of events and fundraisers throughout the year. Do you have fundraising ideas? Let us know! If you are more interested in the social aspect of rescue this is a great way to help with fund-raising events.

Transportation: Bulldogs come to us from shelters, veterinarian offices, private homes, strays off the street, etc. We are frequently in need of volunteers to meet for a transport and to pick up a dog.

Media/Newsletters: We try to send out a monthly newsletter to keep our supporters informed. We need volunteers to help write stories, take pictures, and participate in the publishing of our newsletter.”


Fostering: We are always in need of foster homes.

Donations: Donating food, toys, supplies, bedding, etc. You can check out our Wish List. We also accept monetary donations through personal checks or Paypal. Visit Donate for more information.

Contact Animal Shelters: To get their commitment to contact Bulldog rescue when they know of a Bulldog that needs a new home.

Post Rescue Business Cards: At vets clinics, animal shelters, pet supply stores, and other places your dog loves to go!

Educate: People on the Bulldog breed. Also, the importance of buying puppies only from reputable breeders.

Never buy puppies from casual/backyard breeders, pet stores or puppy mills.



As a volunteer you will meet some wonderful people and feel good about helping a Bulldog in need. Your heart will be filled with a sense of doing something good and the Rescue Bulldog will thank you.