Bulldog Rescue Squad is a non profit organization, located in the Greater Dallas Fort Worth area, that is devoted to rescuing and finding wonderful homes for both Bulldogs and French Bulldogs. We require an extensive application process that includes home visits and vet checks prior to all adoptions.


Q: What is Bulldog Rescue Squad?
A: Bulldog Rescue Squad is a non profit, all volunteer organization that rescues Bulldogs.

Q: What is the Mission?
A: Bulldog Rescue Squad is devoted to rescuing purebred Bulldogs, providing for their medical needs, spaying, neutering and finding suitable homes. We are passionate about rescuing!

Q: Where do the Rescue Bulldogs come from?
A: Bulldog Rescue Squad takes Bulldogs from owners, who can no longer care for them, and from shelters.

Q: Do you have a Shelter?
A: No. Bulldog Rescue Squad has a network of foster homes that provide loving care for our rescued bulldogs while they are waiting for their forever homes.


The following individuals have helped Bulldog Rescue Squad immensely, and we would like to reach out an additional “thank you” for their support.

Equine Salt Water Therapy

Hooves & Paws

Animal House Chiropractic

Meghann Leigh Photography


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If you are inquiring about adopting a bulldog, please do not use this form! You must submit an adoption form to have on file prior to inquiring about a bulldog. Please visit Adopting A Bulldog for additional information. Thank you!